To enjoy the harmony of premium design bathroom radiator equipped with a high-end sound system, select Symphonik by Thermor

Modern , with an outstanding design and subdued light, Symphonik offers sophisticated technologies and HD-sound, rapidly bringing a gentle comfort. Thanks to its compatibility with Cozytouch, Symphonik can be remotly controlled through a smartphone or a tablet.

Select Symphonik if...

… You are looking for a smart, efficient and stylish bathroom heater and towel dryer, for a taylored and musical comfort.

With Symphonik, benefit from…

Symphonik: technological innovation bathroom radiator | Thermor heating

… The reputation, quality and expertise of a renowned French brand such as Thermor.

With a harmonious premium design and subdued light, Symphonik fills your bathroom with a cocooning atmosphere. Its high-end sound system, remotely controlled by Bluetooth, further transcends your experience.

Symphonik is also equipped with the latest Atlantic technologies: Smart-Control function allows you to save up to 45% energy savings while Cozytouch enables to control and monitor the appliance from afar through a tablet or a smartphone, to tailor the appliance performance according to your comfort expectations.

Symphonik benefits from the triple comfort system innovation (3CS). It provides simultaneous heating of towels and room through lateral and frontal heat diffusion.

Finally, Symphonik is available in black and white colours, to perfectly integrate into your bathroom.

For all these reasons, Symphonik constitutes an excellent choice that you will not regret!

For going further, main technical features:

  • Color shade: Black and white colours
  • Power range: 750 W (+1000 W with the turbo fan).
  • 6-order pilot wire: Comfort, Comfort -1°C, Comfort -2°C, Economy, Frost-free, Stop (load shedding).
  • Highly secured: IP 24, over-heating safety device...

How to install your Symphonik heater?

Please refer to the installation manual.

Installation must comply with the standards currently enforced in the country of use. This equipment may not be suitable for all countries, please contact us for more information.

Poeme is easy to install for any handyman with the appropriate tools (hand drill, screwdrivers...).

In case of doubt, it is recommended that the installation be conducted by a certified professional.

Nicole, 39 years old, Versailles: “There is a nice touch of glamour with Symphonik installed in my bathroom. I really enjoy taking showers with music on, in a cocooning ambiance. With its turbo fan, Symphonik never lets me down! I particularly like putting on my warm bathrobe, thanks to an efficient towel drying function”.