To benefit from a long-lasting and user-friendly electric active heat convector, with mechanical thermostat, choose Evidence Meca by Thermor

Evidence Meca is a robust mechanical active heat convector. With 2 models, a wide choice of powers and an enhanced multi-frequency thermostat, for economical heating, Evidence Meca will meet your needs!

Select Evidence Meca if...

… You are looking for a reliable, user-friendly and efficient active heat convector that provides a good comfort.

Evidence mechanical

With Evidence Meca, benefit from:

A long-lasting, safe and rapid heating equipment, designed by Thermor, the recognized French brand specialized in innovative heating solutions.

Evidence Meca is safe, compact and silent. Easy to install on the wall, it fits well into any interior. A standing kit with plug, in option, allows to move it anywhere you wish!

With a very efficient mechanical thermostat (steam pressure), you can tune more precisely the temperature and your energy consumption in order to achieve more energy savings!

Thanks to its upper front panel air outlet grid and sheathed heating element, with aluminium diffuser, Evidence Meca offers a constant heat diffusion for an optimal comfort.

Evidence Meca has several interesting functions: anti-staining process (ASP), heating indicator light, lockable knob, etc.

Evidence Meca is user-friendly with a control panel, using a temperature control knob and on/off switch, easily accessible.

With 2 models and 8 output powers, Evidence Meca matches everyone's needs. If you want a reliable and safe active heat convector, Evidence Meca is a good value for money and a great choice for your whole family.

Finally, Evidence Meca is one of the easiest solutions for room heating!

For going further, main technical features:

  • Wide range of wall-mounted models: Standard (8 versions) and plinth (3 versions).
  • Color shade: White.
  • Power range: From 500 to 2500 W.
  • Highly secured: IP 24, dual electric insulation, automatic over-heating safety device...

How to install your Evidence Meca heater?

Please refer to the installation manual.

Installation must comply with the standards currently enforced in the country of use.

Evidence Meca is easy to install for any handyman with the appropriate tools (hand drill, screwdrivers...).

In case of doubt, it is recommended that the installation be conducted by a certified professional.

Myriam 42 years old, Paris: “It is good to know I can fully rely on a robust, safe and efficient active heat convector such as Evidence Meca. Fast heating and quite easy to use, it fully matches my needs on a daily basis!”.