To benefit from a gentle and even heat diffusion, select Amadeus 2, Thermor electric radiant panel heater

With its elegant vertical and horizontal models, Amadeus 2 takes place harmoniously in all types of interior. Thanks to its powerful and large aluminum heating surface, it brings you high-speed heating and optimum comfort.

Select Amadeus 2 if…

… You are looking for an efficient and easy to use radiant panel heater, which offers excellent value for money.

With Amadeus 2, benefit from:

Thermor's unique French design and technology.

Amadeus 2 radiant heater guarantees safety, silence and excellent comfort. It heats both the air and walls while preserving a pleasant soft air.

Three combined elements achieve these objectives: an efficient holed air outlet grid, a powerful extruded aluminium heating core and a smart thermic deflector.

Made in France, this modern slim-line design heater will perfectly take place at your home.

For going further, main technical features

  • Horizontal and vertical models.
  • Color shade: White.
  • Power range: From 750 to 2000 W.
  • Fully secured: Double electric insulation, over-temperature cut-out device, heating indicator light.
  • Digital thermostat electronically controlled.
  • Anti-staining process (ASP).
  • Room temperature sensor.
  • 6-order pilot wire: Comfort, Comfort -1°C, Comfort -2°C, Eco, Frost-free, Programme and Stop (load shedding).
  • Five programmes: Comfort, Eco, Frost-free, Programme and Stop...

How to install your Amadeus heater?

Please refer to the installation manual.

Installation must comply with the standards currently enforced in the country of use.

Amadeus 2 is easy to install for any handyman with the appropriate tools (hand drill, screwdrivers...).

In case of doubt, it is recommended that the installation be conducted by a certified professional.

Claude, 33 years old, Bordeaux: “After installing Amadeus in my bedroom, I could enjoy an instant cosiness. In winter time, reading in bed, wrapped in a gentle warmth and soft air, is a real pleasure!”.