To benefit from an elegant multi-shape extensive heat panel heater, with energy saving functions, choose Emotion Digital by Thermor

With a premium French design, Emotion Digital is a marvel of technology that will never fail to amaze you. With the sweetcontrol ® technology and smart functions, it offers fast extensive heating, perfect comfort and significant savings of energy, by up to 45%!

Select Emotion Digital if...

… You want an elegant, smart, cost-effective and powerful radiator, combining style and efficiency, for a perfect comfort.

With Emotion Digital, benefit from

Emotion digital | Thermor heating

A new standard of excellence set by Thermor, the renowned French brand, specialized in electric heating solutions and technical innovation!

By nature, Emotion Digital panel heater provides efficiency, silence, quick and uniform heat diffusion for an ideal comfort (by heating the air and the walls).

This is achieved by combining an efficient perforated frontal air outlet grid and a powerful black painted extruded aluminium heating element.

This silent modern slim-line design appliance comes in standard and high models, to fit harmoniously in any type of room or decoration.

Emotion Digital has many clever features: anti-staining process (ASP), electronic thermostat,  sweetcontrol ® detection technology (user and light), windows opening and temperature sensors, integrated programming, etc. They optimize your comfort and guarantee huge cost and energy savings.

User-friendly, thanks to a control panel with digital display, it is very practical to use.

If you are looking for a smart, cost-effective and high-speed extensive heat panel heater, Emotion Digital is made for you!

For going further, main technical features

  • Comes in two models: Standard (6 versions) and high (3 versions).
  • Color shade: White (RAL 9016).
  • Power range: From 500 to 2000 W.
  • 6-command pilot wire: Comfort, Comfort - 1 °C, Comfort - 2 °C, Eco, Frost-free, Off.
  • Easy to install: H-shaped vertical support.
  • Highly secured: IP 24, over-heating safety device...

How to install your Emotion Digital heater?

Please refer to the installation manual.

Installation must comply with the standards currently enforced in the country of use.

Emotion Digital is easy to install for any handyman with the appropriate tools (hand drill, screwdrivers...).

In case of doubt, it is recommended that the installation be conducted by a certified professional.

Patrick, 66 years old, Grenoble: “I could not hope for more cosy comfort and savings, when I bought the Emotion Digital extensive heat panel. It really meets my heating requirements on a daily basis!”.