To enjoy the elegance of a slim-line design electric radiator, with smart energy saving functions, select Ovation 2 by Thermor

Thanks to its premium French design and beautiful lines, Ovation 2 is a marvel of technology that will never fail to amaze you. With smart controls and functions, it brings you an optimum comfort with significant cost and energy savings (up to 45%)!

Select Ovation 2 if...

… You are looking for an outstanding electric radiator, combining elegance, efficiency and smart functions to bring you an ideal comfort and major energy savings.

Ovation digital - the combination between allure and seduction

With Ovation 2, benefit from:

The expertise and reputation of Thermor, a French brand, specialized in advanced heating solutions and cutting-edge technology.

Ovation 2 has an aluminium alloy double heating element, an aluminium front panel and  sealed units that work perfectly together, thanks to its smart pilot functions. 

A quick responsiveness, adapted to changing life rhythms, brings you fast heating and gentle heat diffusion for an unmatched comfort. 

Silent and easy to install, Ovation 2 comes in two beautiful new and trendy slim-line designs. They match, with taste, everyone's requirements in terms of interior decoration.

Ovation 2 is full of smart functions: detectors for temperature, presence and windows opening, programming and memory learning functions of the user’s lifestyle. They achieve significant comfort and energy savings.

Ovation 2 has many other interesting features such as a multi-tariff electronic thermostat, an energy consumption indicator, an anti-staining process (ASP), etc.

If you are looking for a user-friendly, beautiful, smart and very cost-effective radiator, Ovation 2 is an excellent choice.

For going further, main technical features:

  • Comes in two models: Standard (5 versions) and high (3 versions).
  • Color shade: White (RAL 9016).
  • Power range: From 750 to 2000 W.
  • 6-command pilot wire: Comfort, Comfort - 1 °C, Comfort - 2 °C, Eco, Frost-free, Off.
  • Highly secured: IP 24, dual electric insulation, over-heating safety device...

How to install your Ovation 2 heater?

Please refer to the installation manual.

Installation must comply with the standards currently enforced in the country of use.

Ovation 2 is easy to install for any handyman with the appropriate tools (hand drill, screwdrivers...).

In case of doubt, it is recommended that the installation be conducted by a certified professional.

Martine and Alexandre, Paris: “The elegance, efficiency and energy saving functions of our newly installed Ovation 2 left us speechless! It is a daily delight to have it at home. Just like us, once you try Ovation 2, it will get you hooked!”.