Preparing for the Ecodesign Directive with Thermor

The Ecodesign Directive

Ecodesign Directive, also called Energy related Products Directive (ErP), has been introduced by the European Union as part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions to protect the climate.

The Ecodesign defines minimum efficiency requirements for energy-related products such as water heaters, boilers, solar water heaters and heat pumps by September 26th, 2015.

Useful information about the new European Directive

The Ecodesign Directive is made up of 2 important parts:

  • The ErP Directive sets minimum energy efficiency levels, as well as environmental requirements for energy-related products, and applies to renewable energy water heaters, electric water heaters, boilers and heat pumps.
  • The Energy Labeling Directive imposes classification of every energy-related product in terms of energy consumption, noise level and other product-specific information.

All products are ranked from A (highest efficiency) to G (lowest efficiency).

A win-win deal: clean environment and more savings with Thermor

With the new ErP regulation the EU plans to achieve the so-called 20-20-20 target, which aims, by 2020, to decrease CO² emissions by 20%, reduce the use of primary energy by 20% and, finally, increase renewable energy share by 20%.

These actions will have a strong positive impact in terms of environmental protection and energy savings stimulation.

A stimulated industry for more efficient products

By setting restriction on the power consumption of energy-related products, the ErP pushes manufacturers to create more efficient and performant products, which will consume less energy, for lower costs.

In addition, the Directive will exclude from the market all low performance energy-using products that don’t meet the Ecodesign Directive requirements.

Making intelligent choices with Thermor

Thermor’s priority always has been its end-users comfort and well-being. As a true pioneer in heating and water heating and owner of several patented technologies, Thermor constantly improves its products quality and energy efficiency, in order to offer the best solutions to its end-users. This is why Thermor actively supports the new European regulation challenging goals and anticipates them, proposing only ErP-compliant products, to make its end-users and partners benefit from the new European directive!

Specifically, the end-users will benefit from more performant and more energy efficient products, for lower costs. They will also contribute to environmental protection by using Thermor’s reduced greenhouse gas emissions products.

In addition, as every manufacturer has to provide the end-user with all necessary information concerning energy efficiency classification of its products, it will be much easier for the end-users to make the right choice in terms of energy-savings, product performance and its cost.

Thermor’s partners will also benefit of the new legislative, due to association with a renowned French brand with a long history in heating and water heating systems production, which is constantly improving its products energy efficiency and providing a full support and guidance regarding low energy products.

The energy efficiency classification is accessible on each Thermor product page and on the technical sheets of the products which fall under the ErP regulation.