The Atlantic Group:
A company philosophy

A strong, high-performance Group

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Founded in 1968 in la Roche-sur-Yon on the west coast of France, the Atlantic Group is a leading French company in climate control engineering.

Constantly attentive to our markets, our various brands offer customers a range of products that meet all types of needs: water heaters and electric heaters, domestic and collective boilers, air conditioning, ventilation, and renewable energy sources.

The company's experience with multiple energies (electrical, gas, domestic heating oil, solar, etc.) enables it to operate across the entire climate control engineering market (collective, domestic and service sector applications).


Strong values

High quality customer service is the daily priority of the Atlantic Group.
This includes quality of products, service and deliveries to ensure that its business and individual customers remain satisfied and loyal.
The Group also works toward the continuity, profitability and stability of the business.
It also prioritises respect and consideration in its relationships between management and staff.

Reliable, varied and high-quality products

The Atlantic Group uses cutting edge technology and the expertise of its highly qualified and motivated teams to design and develop products that reflect modern demands for comfort.
4% of turnover is invested in research and development to provide a constant impetus for innovation. Patent applications are regularly submitted and the Group enjoys great commercial success.

Group Atlantic products

Brands that contribute to the Group's dynamism

The Atlantic Group aims to win significant market share through each of its brands. Whether they are leaders or challengers in their markets, each brand has its own identity to increase customer loyalty.

International expansion

The constant attention focused on market growth, innovation and product development gives the Atlantic Group unique, internationally acknowledged expertise.
The brands and products are now distributed in more than 100 countries worldwide and the Group's international activity is growing steadily.

After its roll-out in Western Europe, our Group was rolled out in Eastern Europe, the Near East, and the Middle East.
More than 700 employees currently work on our new manufacturing sites or in our international subsidiaries.

We adopt different strategies based on our products and activities:
- Sanitary hot water: an overall growth strategy (building plants in the Ukraine and in Egypt)
- Collective and service sector solutions (commercial boilers, collective renewable energy solutions): organic growth plus acquisition of local leaders
- For less "universal" products (electric heating, heat pumps, etc.): geographical targeting

Steady growth

With 40 years of industrial and commercial activity behind it, the Atlantic Group continues to grow steadily year on year. Our turnover and employee numbers have thus regularly increased, both in France and internationally.

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