Electric towel technologies

The electric towel dryer is not linked to the central heating system and works independently.

3 technologies available :

  •     Dry technology

  •     Fluid technology

  •     Mixed bathroom heater

1. Dry technology

The appliances in this range do not contain any fluid or gas. They are perfectly silent, do not need any drainage maintenance and there is no risk of leaks. The aluminium heat exchanger located inside the appliance ensures quick and even heat distribution between the various equipment. The wide heating surfaces offer absolute comfort. The drying technology is combined with the DUOSYSTEM. This is the optimum solution to heat the bathroom and towels at the same time, with heated glass that combines elegance and performance.

2. Fluid technology

The appliances with this technology contain a coolant fluid heated by a resistor. The rise in temperature enables regular circulation of the fluid and ensures even heat distribution for total comfort. The heat conducting fluid ensures even, constant, gentle and healthy heat, similar to central heating.

3. Mixed bathroom heaters

The mixed towel dryer is linked to the boiler in winter and works with electric supply in summer. It provides a regular temperature throughout all seasons and provides extra heat on demand.