Electric heater technologies

Thermor panel heaters produce different types of heat to meet every user's needs, depending on their heat exchanger and design. To meet these specific needs, Thermor has developed solutions using 3 major heat exchanger technologies:

  1. Cast iron

  2. Aluminium

  3. Heat conducting fluid

1. Cast iron technology: a cocoon of heat surrounding you

Cast iron: heat exchanger + heating front panel

Gentle heat diffused by the heating film on the front panel and inertia of the cast iron: a quick and gradual feeling of heat around you.

Cast iron: heat exchanger

People who prefer to be surrounded with continuous heat will enjoy the cast iron's capacity to store heat and release it gradually. Combined with modern technologies, this authentic material guarantees robustness.

2. Aluminium technology: the fast reacting choice

Aluminium: heat exchanger

Light and fast reacting, Aluminium is the ideal solution for anyone who wants a quick rise in temperature to take advantage of extensive even and continuous heat and high air quality.

3. Fluid technology: for gentle and healthy heat

Heat conducting fluid

This technology will appeal to anyone who is looking for diffuse and constant heat like the heat provided by central heating.

A fluid transports the heat in a closed circuit it return its heat to the aluminium heat exchanger then the room. The heat given off is gentle and healthy. It does not dry out the air.