Renewable energy technologies

Understanding our technologies

1. The heat pump water heater technology

Renewable, clean and free calories contained within ambient air are an ideal energy source to heat water.

With its heat pump water heater, Atlantic is offering cost-effective solutions for the entire family.

Clean and simple operation:

The heat pump water heater consists of a heat pump which captures the energy in the air in order to heat the water in the tank.

2. The solar water heater technology

Offering the same level of heating comfort as an electric water heater whatever the weather, guaranteeing energy savings, recognised as reliable and very easy to install, the solar water heater keeps all its promises...

How does it work?

1. The collectors absorb the energy of the sun’s rays and release it in the form of heat. This heat increases the temperature of the refrigerant fluid which flows from the collectors to a water storage tank passing through an electronic regulation station.

2. A booster system, electric resistor (electric boost) or exchanger connected to a boiler (hydraulic boost), then become involved to complete the production of hot water if they are required.

3. A regulation system manages the installation and controls the pump which transfers the heat absorbed by the collectors to the heater tank. It is the real nerve centre of the installation.

    1.   Solar collectors

    2.   Storage tank

    3.   Solar station

    4.   Solar coil

    5.   Electric booster resistor

    6.   Cold water inlet

    7.   Domestic hot water

8.    Mixer

9.    Collector temperature sensor

10.  Lower tank temperature sensor

11.  Upper tank temperature sensor

12.  Boiler booster coil

13.  Boiler: hydraulic boost

Solar energy: what is it?

Solar energy is a natural auxiliary energy that is:

- silent and non-polluting (no impact on the environment)

- free and economical

- easily usable for lasting thermal comfort in both summer and winter with, if necessary, extra heating from another energy source: electricity, gas or fuel.

Solar energy can be used in both northern and southern countries (e.g. Sweden, Great Britain, Germany, France including its overseas departments and territories, Spain, Italy, Eastern Europe, the Maghreb, etc.). The installation will be adapted to the insolation and construction practices.