Water heater technologies

Taking into account the customer’s needs, Thermor develops exclusive patented technologies achieving optimum protection of the appliance, comfort for the end user and energy savings.

Steatite technology

1. Heating Element

Ceramic element: outstanding Steatite technology. Unique patented technology, adapted to highly mineralized, hard or desalinated water.

• The Steatite heating element is protected by an enamelled steel sleeve. This sleeve has a large heat exchange surface, which reduces scale deposits and heating noise. In addition to being extremely efficient, the ceramic heating element is particularly well adapted to hard, aggressive, highly mineralized, desalinated water. Its replacement does not require the water heater to be drained down, a genuine bonus for professionals and private individuals.

- Heating element protected by a metallic enamelled sleeve

- No contact with the water

- Easy maintenance: no need to drain the tank before replacing it

- High exchange surface: low scale formation

- Power from 1500 W to 3000 W

• Direct immersion heating element: an approved solution

The sheathed heating element is a copper or stainless steel heating element directly immersed in the water. It offers high-level performance thanks to its limited charge, providing extended lifetime.

- Copper heating element is directly in contact with the water

- Power from 1200 W to 2500 W

2. Regulation accuracy

• Electronic/digital thermostat

- High-precision regulation controlled by 1 or 2 electric sensors located at the appropriate height in the tank

- Option of different function modes, diagnostic and smart functions

- Security ensured either by a separated sensor or a mechanical disc

- Compatible with all heating elements

• Mechanical Bulb thermostat

- Accurate regulation controlled by a gas dilator situated at the appropriate height in the tank

- Security ensured by a separated bulb with gas

- Compatible with all heating elements

• Mechanical Rod thermostat

- Directly plugged onto the heating element

- Regulation controlled by rod dilatation

- Security ensured by a mechanical disc

- Only compatible with wet element

ACI hybride technology

3. Tank protection

• Hybrid ACI system (Atlantic patent): state-of-the-art titanium and magnesium anode

The Anti-Corrosion Integrated (ACI) system provides maximum protection for the tank with a titanium anode located at the center of the appliance combined with a magnesium anode. It is driven by an electronic PCB board that produces a direct milivoltage electric current providing the tank with long lasting protection against corrosion.

How it works:

1. The magnesium anode is activated by the forced current.

2. The magnesium particles are immediately projected on the enamel’s micro porosities.

3. Protection is provided by the extended titanium anode located at the center of the tank.

4. A control light indicates the user that the ACI system is operational.

O'Pro technology

• Ohmic resistor: unique O’Pro technology. Exclusive anti-corrosion system to permanently combat rust

The ohmic resistor is a passive electronic anti-corrosion device. It balances out the electric potentials of the tank and immersion heating element. The action and life of the magnesium anode are increased and the protection against corrosion is reinforced.

• Magnesium anode

The magnesium anode is located in the center of the enamelled tank and provides excellent protection against corrosion; this anode is consumed more or less rapidly according to the quality/acidity of the water.