To benefit from a smart, efficient and environmentally friendly heat pump water heater, choose Aeromax Premium by Thermor

Engineered and made in France, this silent thermodynamic water heater is suitable for all installations. You will appreciate its use, with both solar and boiler systems, that brings optimum comfort and significant energy savings (up to 75%*).

Select Aéromax Premium if...

… You are looking for a cost-effective, multi-energy water heater delivering hot water to your whole family.

With Aéromax Premium, benefit from:

Aéromax Premium: multienergy heat pump water heater | Thermor heating

The expertise of a renowned French brand and heating systems specialist such as Thermor.

Thanks to Thermor technologies (Steatite technology, zircon enamel, ACI hybrid anti-corrosion system) your equipment will have an extended lifespan.

You will enjoy a large optimised coil that insures fast heating and adaptation for low temperature devices. Moreover, a circulation connection provides comfort on all point-of-use.

With its 360° adjustable air inlet/outlet and feet, Aéromax Premium is easy to set up everywhere (low ceiling, corner...).

Aéromax Premium is compatible with Cozytouch, so it can be monitored and controlled remotely, to optimize its performances. You can select the solar mode to use different solar sources (photovoltaic or solar panels), etc.

Using renewable solar energy leading to substantial savings, Aéromax Premium is environmentally friendly and, constitutes a very good choice that you will not regret.

*According to your installation and the ambient air

**In the conditions of EN 255-3

For going further, main technical features

  • 75% energy savings*

    collector) and boiler systems (built-in coil)

  • Compatible with solar (photovoltaic panel or solar

  • Smart energy consumption control

  • Remote piloting with Cozytouch control

  • Anti-corrosion ACI hybrid technology

  • Wide heat pump temperature range of use (-5 to +43°C)

digital control aeromax premium | thermor heating

Marie and Pierre, both 49 years old, Versailles: «Since we had Aéromax Premium installed in our garage, all the family can enjoy hot water, instantaneously, without interruption. Even better, thanks to the use of solar energy, we achieve great savings while being environmentally friendly! »