Biopack solar indirect water heater

Our range of solar indirect water heaters offers you a comprehensive

system operating with multiple energies.


Biopack solar indirect water heaters | Thermor heating
  • Capacity: 200, 300 or 400 L with an 8 bar enamelled steel tank
  • Single phase 2400 W ceramic heating element (optional)
  • Additional protection provided by magnesium anodes
  • 0% CFC high density polyurethane insulation foam (> 40 g/l)
  • Control thermostat with a heat safety mechanism, all mounted on a fitted flange (optional)
  • Cold water inlet (stainless steel inlet diffuser preventing the cold and hot water from mixing together)
  • Housings for the sensors
  • 8 bar pressure, safety relief valve and dielectric sleeves on the 200 and 300 L tanks
  • Aquastat on the upper heat exchanger
  • CE compliant products

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