Thermor's history

Over 82 years experience and partnership with professionals
have made Thermor one of the largest international specialist
brands in the electric heating and hot water sector.

A trip back in time…

  • 1931: Two brothers, Germain and Etienne Maure, found the SARL THERMOR at Orléans (France), specialising in electric appliances.
  • 1959: Thermor constructs a second factory at Saint Jean de la Ruelle, in central France. The factory produces water heaters, boilers and convectors.
  • 1971: Manufacture of the first frontal outlet wall-mounted convectors.
  • 1987: Launch of the first electronic convectors.
  • 1996: Use of the ACI, Anti-Corrosion Integrated technology on the entire water heater range.
  • 2001: - Launch of a full range of industrial heating appliances.
              - Invention of ASP (Anti-fouling process).      
  • 2007: Launch of Bilbao, the first thermofluid radiator of the Thermor range.
  • 2008: Thermor enters the renewable energies market with Biopack, its solar offering.
  • 2009 : Launch of Hypnose, the high-end glass design radiator equipped with a presence detection system.
  • 2009: Launch of Aéromax, the thermodynamic water heater. Heat pump + water heater in one product, for optimal energy savings and ecology.
  • 2010: Launch of Dynapac a thermodynamic water heater for sales export. An environmentally friendly product (renewable energy) and economical.
  • June 2011: Launch of the Evidence product, a new design for a new convector, ever more efficient.

  • September 2013: Launch of Evidence digital, a new electric panel with Thermor innovation, a digital control.

These years of history make Thermor a reliable, authentic brand, instantly recognisable thanks to its emblem: the dragon.

If you would like to see Thermor's history in images, you can visit the picture gallery on the website.