Environmental approach: an eco-citizen commitment

Thermor’s eco-citizen commitment aims to reduce wastage, limit the 

pollution due to industrial waste, optimise costs and intensify research

and development in products that use renewable energies.

An industrial goal

Involved in the processing of end-of-life industrial waste, the Atlantic Group (to which Thermor belongs) jointly founded the ECO-SYSTEMES eco-organisation in 2005. This entity is fully dedicated to selective processing, recycling or destruction of products at the end of their life.

In order to optimise recycling, Thermor is also able to apply the European Directive concerning Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). This measure consists in not mixing industrial waste with common waste and thus reduces the potential effects on the environment and human health that may be caused by the presence of hazardous substances.

Finally, Thermor’s manufacturing process uses solvent-free paint and implements a surface treatment process with no discharge of pollution into the water table.

R&D investment

Significant innovations have resulted from our research and development policy. The company’s R&D investment, 4% of sales, now places our group at the forefront of those who are moving the climate control engineering industry forward at European level.

Naturally, the work of motivated teams combined with a high quality industrial facility and a strategic goal, contributes strongly to the development of new heating systems, particularly using the renewable energies.

A range of “renewable energy products”

Water, sun, air, wood… are all natural sources of energy.

Their relatively low impact on the environment makes them key solutions to the greenhouse gas emissions issue.

Furthermore, fluctuations in the price of fossil energies (petrol, gas, etc.) and government grants set up in many countries mean that these new energies are being chosen by consumers for their ecological as well as economic performances.

With its solid experience in the hot water sector, recent years have seen Thermor turning toward products that enable the best use of these natural resources. The solar water heater, naturally, with a hydrosolar and electrosolar offering, but also the thermodynamic water heater, an innovation launched on the French market in May 2008.

The range is expanding regularly and Thermor implements its entire expertise in designing products that meet the three-fold demands of its private individual or professional customers: COMFORT, SAVINGS, and ECOLOGY.

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 Thermor’s eco-citizen approach now represents a challenge for all of its employees and partners.

Much progress remains to be achieved in this field but our company is committed to this path with humility and determination.

“Sustainable comfort” is now a strategic line of development for the brand and the Group.